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Mon, May. 17th, 2004, 12:22 pm

Yesterday was perfect. :) After I got off work (which was just hilarious in itself, more about that later.) it was such a nice day, Zach decided to give me the first part of my birthday present. It was a baseball glove and bat!!!!!!!!!!!
So we played catch for about an hour, then got the bat out. That was fun until we woke up an army of mosquitoes. We kept playing until I pitched the ball and Zach hit it really hard and low and it hit my shin. I wanted to keep playing but it was swelling so much so quickly, there was no way I could run. I tried walking it off, but I swear I think it chipped off a little peice of shin bone. :)
We walked over to King Soopers and got corn on the cob, artichokes, veggie hotdogs, coke (from a can) and watermelon. (The ultimate summer dinner.) We made dinner, watched The Simpson, Star Trek 6 and The Sopranos. (Uber good episode!!!)
Then it was my bed time. I had a wonderful but WEIRD dream about California.

Random dream that isn't actually interesting
I was at Santa Rosa College (I don't know if that even exists.) I was there to meet my mom who was a conselor there. I was with Vicki, Molly, Chelsea and Tiffani. We ran into some guy we all thought was cute. We were trying to start a conversation with him, so we made him help us find "The nicest bathroom stall" on campus to go pee-pee in.
He started asking us how long we've been friends, and we started going into flashbacks from when we were younger, nut none of the stuff actually happend. Like according to my flashback dream sequence, Vicki and Tiffani met in a foster home.
Anyway, we were having a great time, and I was totally in love with this guy. Then I had to go back to Denver. I was sooo upset, and my sister Andrea was there to give me a ride to the airport. I started crying because I would mis the California arcitexture. (sp?) and my sister said "Whatever, you are going to miss the hot Latino boys!!"

The I woke up. Now I TOTALLY want to go to California!! I talked to Vicki and Andrea on AIM today and I was like "Vicki, we have to chase down a cute boy in Santa Rosa!!!" Yeah I seem crazy. But really, why am I still in Colorado? I think I've over stayed my Rocky-Mountain welcome. :)

Mon, May. 17th, 2004 06:47 pm (UTC)

COME BACK TO CALI! THAT'S AN ORDER! :-D I will drag you here myself in necessary! :-P

Mon, May. 17th, 2004 07:27 pm (UTC)

You better come back to California on one condition. If we see a cute guy, you can't ask him which bathroom stall is the prettiest. I don't know about Colorado, but its not a good way to hit on someone here. :)

Sun, May. 23rd, 2004 08:24 am (UTC)
unwoundclock: ddrunkkken jesse

jesse so drunk he lovees the foxes jesse soooo drunk hes with nate and driven arond and talkin to the randompeopl and there was that one time i elft half an hour of messages on your phone and you didnt how to skip them and had to slsiten to them all, cause tyoy thought maybe your mom might have called. that was hillarious